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Kishimpur or Khaleda Zia Abroad – The Daily Amader Shomoy

There are likely to be some changes in the country's policy soon. There is a kind of compromise in the ruling Awami League and the highest level of BNP, considered to be their main policy opponent. Execution of BNP President Hades Zia in case of corruption and corruption There are talks of senior leaders of the BNP with the government. If there is a compromise, then Khaleda Zia can be released on bail or bail.

In this case, it may be the main catalyst for the oath of MPs elected by the BNP at the 11th parliamentary elections. So many dramatic events can happen for a while. Although Leaders of the Awami or BNP Leagues are not open to talks, BNP leaders are not open. They say that instead there is no connection to the oath with the emancipation of BNP Chairman Hades Zia.

It is known that the Awami League will support the release of Khaleda Zia. And BNP wants their leader to be released on bail. It will become clear in time. Because on April 29, MEPs will have to swear an oath in December's parliamentary elections or apply for more time to swear an oath. Otherwise, they will have to declare their membership at zero. Sources of the best sources of the Awami League, Khaleda Zia, will be sent from the country for treatment if they are compromised. Otherwise, at the Medical University of Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib

After treatment, he will be transferred to Kashimpur Prison. There is no possibility of returning to Hada Zaya in the temporary Prison of the Nazimu Road. So before April 29 he will have to decide – what will he do? Will they come out of the country or the Kashmirup prison? The government is planning to build another structure in the temporary prison on the Namibun Road. He will not be there again – sure enough.

Meanwhile, one of the six winners of the 11th parliamentary election of the National Election Commission won an oath on Thursday. MRF Secretary-General Mirza Fahrull Islam Allamir is ready to swear by saying several sources of government

Khaleda Zia is pushing for her release after being in jail, asking the BNP for her release. But the government refuses to release the party chairman on bail. Policy leaders at the policy level believe that if Hada Ziya pleads guilty and asks for conditional early release, the interior ministry could appreciate it positively. On the other hand, BNP senior management unconditionally wants Khaleda Zia's warranty. They say that if Khaleda Zia is released unconditionally, then her party MPs will take an oath. Although Haxea Zia has ruled out both the conditional release and the oath, during the negotiations with the leaders of the National Revenue Agency to meet her in the Bengal New Year. On Tuesday, the BNP Standing Committee meeting unanimously decided that the early release of Haji Ziua would not be requested, nor would MPs swear an oath.

Even after Jhatta Sangsad, the spokesman said. Electoral Region Takuwaron-3 MP Zachydur Rahman has sworn in by Shirin Sharmin Chowdhuri. Already prior to the eleven elections, two MPs from the National Alliance (NF) headed by the National Bank of Bulgaria took an oath. They are members of the Gooforam, an accomplice to the alliance. Eight MEPs were elected by the National Front of Unity in the Eleventh Parliamentary Elections held on December 30. Of these, six are from BNP, two from Ganoforam

On the question of swearing an oath to MEPs, the Standing Committee member Gayeshwar Chandra Roy told us that the country would take organizational measures if the party swears that it did not obey the decision. As for Zachur Rahman's oath, he said the party would look into the matter. On some issues he denies BNP's compromise with the government on the issue of the emancipation of Hades Zaya.

Several senior sources of the Awami and BNP league were informed that after the eleventh parliamentary elections, talks began on the issue of the emancipation of Khaleda Zia. BNP Secretary General Mirza Fahrull Islam Alagiger negotiates with the Prime Minister on this issue. Awami Presidium member Piyush Kanti Bhattacharya told our time that BNP lawmakers should join the oath by parliament. They will surrender voters if they do not come. Asked about the reconciliation of Hades Zaya's parties, she said, "I've heard such news as well, but I can not say right.

Awami League's acting secretary general Mahbub, Alam Hanif, said: "We thank the MPs of the National Liberal Party, who are sworn in today. We hope that the other members of the GNP will take an oath in a few days. However, there is no connection with Hades Zaya's emancipation with the oath, she said.

General Secretary of the Common League of Awami Abdur Rahman said during his term that he has no connection with the release of the conditional release of Hades Zia by swearing an oath of MEPs. Conditions will become a political release. The government will accept it morally if Hada Zaya does not have a call for health because of its political release.

The government and government cabinet of the Awami League told us that five of the six MPs of the BNP are preparing to enter parliament after swearing. Whether it will take Mirza Fahrull's Islam Islam, it will depend on the future of the GNP policy in the future. He also said that the issue of Khaleda Zia's release is not yet final. BNP wants a guarantee, we want a conditional release It can be allowed for a day or two. He added that perhaps Halada Zea goes to London on the advice of doctors. In this case, the conditional release may be kept secret. Because BNP wants to preserve the image of their leader.

Another source, Khaleda Zia is more likely to go to London. But he can also go to Saudi Arabia. It depends on where she feels comfortable from that.

In the case of the Zia Charitable Trust corruption case filed during the official government, Khaleda Zia is now in jail. GNP will not go to the elections without him, but at the beginning he said the party took part in eleven parliamentary elections.

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