Monday , July 26 2021

Leaked information leaked with Neymar -eshebideshe transfer

In August of the year, the world record transfer fee went from Barcelona to PSG, Neymar. The transfer is still a news source. This chapter adds another chapter to this story.

Everyone knows, Neymar, who spent 222 million euros in Paris, was left in Paris. Because he is still the most expensive player in the world. There is no possibility to break Dar es Spiegel's record, which was released on Friday.

According to the famous German magazine, PSG has a total of 252 million euros to bring Brazilian stars to Daria. However, club taxation shows less tax due to taxes and fear of litigation.

In his report, it was said that the release clause to bring Neymar only 222 million euros to PSG Catalan. In addition, his agent Pini Jahavi and his father made Neymar 10.7 million euros, the club said. According to the agreement, the 26-year-old former Superstar club Santosha also had to pay 8.7 million euros.

PSG owner Nasser Al Kleifi won the Big Brother Champions League. That's why he doesn't even pay to spend the euro while spending the euro. Overall, PSG attracted Neymar to 252 million euros. What is the lower meaning of the money that UEFA is now against them, so wait for them to see it.

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