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Love with grace? Prasad finally opened his mouth


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5:15 pm, August 9, August 20

Love with grace? Prasad finally opened his mouth

There is various speculation regarding the connection of Devasena Anushka Shetty with the star Bahubali Pravas long before the release of Bahubali. But after seeing the glowing chemistry at Bahubali, his imagination continued to grow. Although neither Pravas nor Anushka acknowledged their relationship. However, Prabhas recently revealed his relationship with Anushka during the promotion of Saho.

Prabhas gave a special interview on "Mumbai Mirror" to promote Sahoo. And there Prabha had to face questions about his relationship with him. Prasad replied: "Anushka and I are very good friends. If there were really more of us, then over the last two years, someone would have seen us go out together. Right? "

Earlier in Karan Johar's "On Coffee with Karan", he had to face the same question. The actor said: "When I was asked this question at Coffee with Karan, Rana (Dana Daggubati) and Rajamuli answered for me. They also said that there was no such connection between us. But I didn't teach them the answer.

Still, it's like the chemistry of Bahubali-Devasena in cinema, their fans really love seeing Prabha and Anushka together in reality. Many want their relationship to be a reality, much like the movie itself.

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