Saturday , May 21 2022

Manchester United start from Chelsea –


Old Trafford hosts an aggressive 3-0 victory on Sunday. Marcus Rushford scored two goals. The other two goals were Anthony Martial and anointed Daniel James.

Chelsea could go ahead in the third minute of the game. However, a strong shot from the new team number Tami Abraham from 20 meters.

A little later, French defender Kurt Zuma forgot to take the ball to his hometown of Boien. However, United's shot put goalkeeper Kipa Arisabalaga ahead.

Chelsea had to score in the end, but Zuma forgot the service. He foules Rushford in the D-box. The English forward led the home side with a penalty kick in the 8th minute.

Shortly before the break, Chelsea scored again. From that point on, Emerson's Italian left back fired into the left post.

Chelsea returned after being pressured for the first 5 minutes after the break. This time Emerson's powerful shot fisted David de Hay.

United have won the match on their own with two goals currently.

In the 5th minute, a counterattack by Marcial sent a low cross from the right. Two minutes later, Rushford sent a half-ball to Paul Kaguo's neat ball in a shot at Conkuni.

The fourth goal in the fourth minute also contributed. The Frenchman gave James the right pass to the midfielder, scoring the ball with Marcial again in the counter. Wales' forward shot down the pitch a few minutes earlier and Emerson's leg changed sides. Former Chelsea star Frank Lampard made his Major League debut as a coach even more depressing.

Arsenal lost to Newcastle United in the only goal of Pierre-Emerick Abumeyan in the first game of the day.

Liverpool, last night's runner-up, beat Norwich City 4-1 in the league opener on Friday. Tottenham Hotspur beat Aston Villa 1-0 at home on Saturday. Manchester City, the defending champions, won 3-1 against West Ham United on the same day.

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