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Marriage sarai debate on the issue! See Designer Sagittarius Post

Dekaka Padukone and the marriage of Ranbir Singh

The wedding of Deidika Padukone and Ranbir Singh was over, but the ceremony was not over. On November 14 and 15, after their two-day marriage to Lake Como in Italy on Wednesday, their first wedding reception took place in Bangalore. Meanwhile, there was a debate about Deipapara's clothes. Fans call the Deepawali couple.

Everyone knows that the wedding dress of Deipica is made by the designer Sabyasachi. In his "instagram" post, he interprets Deepower's wedding dress as a "sweetness" from head to toe. But the problem started here.

Deepika did not design Sara Sasaki at the wedding ceremony at the Konkani wedding. Mother of the Deipica Udzala Padudukon was bought by the local store in Bangalore. It was then given to Sabasci. Sanisaki, however, made some changes to the sari design. They gave wedding rings and jewelery at the wedding.

Later in another post, Sabyasachi writes: "According to Konkani's tradition, the saris wedding gave another gift, Dipika's mother, Ujjala Padukon, gave her a wedding ceremony, we received the information and the sarita was bought from the Bangalore Orgia Gallery and we want to give them appropriate credit.

Commenting on this post, many people answered. Netizens are divided into three groups. A group of people thanked Sabyasachi for giving the truth. The second party criticized Sabyasachi for not trusting local collections of sari shops. The last group is Ekadashi Ciurez, who call the Depiska "Collector's Day," because Sabasci arranged the wedding dress of the Deipica. But no one forgives sahasachi with one voice.

The station of the shibashira installation

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An Instagram user wrote to Sabyasachi: "You did not know who this sari was, but he was not sure you were." Another writes: "Above all, and after all recognition for publication!"

Galen, however, was not angry at Sagasaki, who had bought sara from the store. From their official account is written: "Thank you very much for the explanation."

Last year, the actress Anushka Sharma and the designer of the cricket wedding dress Virat Kohili were also Sakasakih Dahl. At the same time, the same team made the same mistake.

However, it is reported that on 24 November a party for the family and friends of Ranbir was organized. The second reception of Deepavir's wedding will be held in Mumbai on November 28th. The Royal Event will be held at the Grand Hyatt Hotel in Mumbai. On December 1, a special Bollywood party was organized.

The Simba movie trailer, starring Ranbir Singh, will be released on December 3rd. Saif Ali Khan's daughter Sarah Ali Kahn has tied a knot with him. Source: NDTV

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