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Mashrafe says he is champion: -770639 | Kaler Kanto

For the first time, Tiger Mashrafe captain Bin Mortaza said, "This is a really great time. Especially we waited for victory in the final.

I think at the right time I got this victory. Before the World Cup, I hope this victory will continue in the future.

The captain of the Tiger boasted the tournament and hospitality of Ireland, he really enjoyed playing here. Especially when everything happens to you, everything becomes very enjoyable. In this series we are giving good cricket gifts from the start. If we do not play, we may have won the trophy.

After 6 final finals, Bangladesh received its first taste in the first half of the World Cup. The Tigers lost the 5-door western Indian islands in the Three Series Final at The Village Cricket Club in Dublin.

Tigers, which were pulled out of the West Indies in the rainy rain, set the goal of 210 runs in 7 balls. Initially, the storm of the Sumias government then came to an end and the storm Mosadek Hossein Sayat took over.

Half a century after the 20th half of Mouzadek after Half-Century 27 in Hamilton. Bangladesh is the first champion of each tournament in his own history.

Sumar Sarkar scored 66 runs in 41 balls. The devastating initiations of 52 escaped from unprecedented 24 Mossad bat battles.

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