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Mashrafek, who was burned to death

Mashrafek, who was burned to death

Mashrafek, who was burned to death Photo: Collected

Champion Trophy Champion Trophy won at Malahide Cricket Ground in Ireland The unbeaten champions of the three-nation ODI series lost 5 rounds in a five-game series.

During the rainy match, Bangladesh's unforgettable victory over the hosts, Mosaddek Hossain Saikat, won the throw and was voted a bat.

But at this stage of the game this victory continued from the top. Mosaddek brought the victory of his team to the team in the 22nd with three six and a half century Mosaddek mentioned the capture of Fébison Allen as a turning point after the match. He said, "This is our victory. Then everyone understood what the outcome of the match would be.

After Maschicur Rahim came out to pursue 210 draws in 24 intakes during the rainy match when Muhammad Mutun was out, the dressing room's head came in despair. Then Masrafe bin Mortaza stood in the chair. The new batsman went to Mossadek and pushed him back. He said two words. After the match, the victorious hero of Bangladesh Mosadeck remembers the captain's words.

When Mosaddek reached the door, Bangladesh needed 67 runs in 50 oura to win. It is not difficult at this time of cricket. But five doors fell. The danger of another loophole could be called the danger of the team. Mahmudullah and Mosaddek, both of these wickets were the last pair of recognized batsmen. Then bowling was all waiting to be pushed.

Mashrafe again silences Mashrafe after the team wins Before leaving the bus to the hotel, Mosaddek told reporters the motivation received by the captain.

Mosaddek said, "Before going to the door, Mashrafe brother said, you can beat the beach. Play as you wish, and win.

He said, "Not only at this time, during bowling, even during the entire Dhaka league, the Mashrafe brothers encourage me in many ways. Then I was out of the team. He said what could be done to get back into the team. Trust is always good when the captain believes in it.

Mosaddek said, "After batting, one of my problems is working and playing positive cricket." There was a situation that was not very easy, I tried to figure out the ball to play, nothing else.

He said, "When we got back to the field, we started talking about Mushik's brother, Tammy Bhai, Riyadh Bai, everyone said we had the opportunity to waltz and we played in the whole tournament, it is possible to pursue this game."

It was indeed possible to do so after the celebration of Mosaddek's celebration. But when the FIFT touched a bit before winning, the holiday was a sight.

Mosaddek won another first title, it's a matter of great pleasure. It is also against foreign teams against a good team. Most importantly, there is good preparation before the World Cup. If we play this way, we hope to get good results at the World Cup. "

Tigers have lost to each of the previous six finals in Cricket with limited divisions, including the Asian Cup and the Triple Series. In the previous six finalists, the opposition was India, Sri Lanka, and Pakistan.

This is Bangladesh's first final against any country outside the sub-continent. Open it there. In the league, losing eight-five Windies respectively, Bangladesh was a clear favorite in the final. After all, Bangladesh won as favorites.

Wind winds: 152/1

Bangladesh: 213/5

Result: Bangladesh won five goals in the rain

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