Sunday , June 13 2021

Mobile Review News: Review: Realme 3 Pro, but Shaywami will be under pressure! – smartphone review: realme 3 pro will make things awkward for xiaomi

This time the digital bureau: Realme 3 Pro has come to market to rejuvenate Xiaomi in the smartphone market. It is believed that the search for Redmi Note 7 Pro can be downloaded to its debut.

Realme 3 Pro has a lot of resemblance to the design of Redmi Note 7 Pro. However, it does not use red glass at the back of the phone like Xiaomi, and instead of plastic poured under pressure. The design and end of this phone will win the client's mind. The back of the phone uses different shades of blue to turn around. There are also Lightning Purple and Carbon Gray options. Because of the design, the phone's handle is very good.

The camera lens around the phone is surrounded by a chrome finish. There are fingerprint sensors and the Lowimi logo. The length of the FHD + IPS LCD screen on the phone is 6.3 inches. This screen works brilliantly under the sunlight. Screen Protector is used in Gorilla Glass 5 and Factory Installed Screen Protector.

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At the beginning of the discussion on internal hardware, Shioumi used 675 SOH Snapdragon chipsets, where Realme 3 Pro was used in the 710SH Snapdragon Chipset. Xiaomi, however, said SOH Snapdragon was much stronger than 675 SOH Snapdragon, but the incident is that Redmi's game can easily play games like Fortnite, which is impossible to play in Xiaomi. Not only that, hardware is the fastest set of Realme 3 Pro in its segment. In addition, the Face Detection System also works very quickly. The phone comes in a total of 3 models – 4 GB / 64 GB, 6 GB / 64 GB and 6 GB / 128 GB.

Features include FM radio, Wi-Fi AC, Bluetooth 5.0, 3.5 mm jack, two SIM slots with a micro SD card and a 25MP front camera. The only weak thing about the phone's hardware is the Micro-USB port.

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The phone has a 4045 mAh battery that is stronger and faster than the 4000 mAh battery Redmi Note 7 Pro. Playing graphics, but this battery only charges 60% in one hour.

Regarding the software, Realme 3 Pro includes Android 9.0 Piezo-based ColorOS 6.0 and newer features. ColorOS 6.0 has an app drawer and has no ads on it.

This phone was used on the IMX 519 camera sensor, which was previously used on OnePlus 6T phones. There is a special night mode that helps you take pictures in low light. There are also panoramic, manual and delayed shooting modes.

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