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Mongla is the first floating solar power plant in the country

The first floating solar power plant in the country will be built in the port of Mongla in Baghehrhat. On Sunday, a memorandum of understanding was signed with the Mongla Port Administration with an Indian and a local company.

Deputy Commissioner for Environment, Forests and Climate Change Habibun Nahar was the main guest at the signing ceremony of the Memorandum of Understanding signed at the Mongla Port Conference Hall at 12 o'clock. Mayor of Port of Mongla In his capacity as chairman of Zulfiqar Ali, the function was examined by the Chief Assistant Commissioner of the Supreme Commission, Khulna Rajesh Kumar Raina, Chairman of the Authority for the Use and Development of Renewable Energy, Sheikh Riaz Ahmed, acting President of the Mongla Port Administration. Altaf Hossain Khan, Chief Executive Officer of Solta Powertech Private Limited in India, Sudhir Mula and Solar EPC Development Limited Bangladesh Chairman Ijaz Al Qudrat A Majid.

Deputy Minister Habibun Nahar said: "Planting of solar power plants in floating and pukurparar projects will play a unique role in environmental protection." The implementation of this project in cooperation with India will strengthen our friendship. that the floating solar power plant will grow in Bangladesh and thanked the municipal authorities for the creation of the first floating solar power plant in Mongla, given the safety of Sundarbans.

Speaking to a special guest, Indian Assistant High Commissioner Rajesh Kumar Raina said that the creation of solar power plants is an ecological and sustainable development project. Sheikh Riaz Ahmed, director of the Renewable Energy Use and Development Authority, said the name of the port of Mongla will be written in the history of Bangladesh in the name of signing a Memorandum of Understanding to create an ecological floating solar power plant. Chief Executive Officer Sudhir Mula, Chairman of Solar EPC Development Limited, Ejaz Al-Qudrat, Bangladesh on behalf of Premier Solar Powertech Pvt. Ltd., signed a Memorandum of Understanding for the construction of a floating and populated solar power plant with a capacity of 15 MW in Pukurpar. Majid in Casa Mayor of Port color monla. Sulfur Ali

Then at 15:00, Deputy Minister Habibun Nahar and Indian Assistant Supreme Commissioner, Rajesh Kumar Roy visited the Kumarkhali project area of ​​Port Mongla Port Police.

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