Monday , September 27 2021

Monumental birthday, suicide of students from the University of Sofia

Priya Saha

Priya Saha

Priya Saha, a former dramatist student at Rajshahi University, committed suicide because of her mother's sister's participation in her birthday.

According to sources from the department, on Sunday he had succumbed to his house at the home of Sieradzha.

The victim, Priyanka Saha, graduated from the University of Narathials at the session in 2016-17.

Assistant Kasi Sushmin Afsana said the girl was always happy and happy. The division has never meant anyone. Recently joined as a school teacher. He has always had contact with teachers and classmates from the department. The bad news about his suicide came on Tuesday morning.

Division president Prof. Ataur Rahman said: "Priya's birthday was on Monday, and he listened to his mother and his sisters according to her, and we know he has committed suicide.

Priyanka complained about the division in this premature death.

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