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Mosaddek broke the 13-year record

Dhaka: Bangladesh won the tournament title for the first time in the history of the West Indies after losing the West Indies in a series of three countries. Tigers are tired of 10 years of sadness But victory has come only with a bat. Mashrafe's team headed the 24-track 24-track table with seven spare balls.

The hero of the winner Mosaddek Hossain Saikat But he has made the place on the pages of history what he has done. Ining from 52 not in 24 balls in the face of the team's win, inning from 52 runs. But half a year he has completed only 20 words. Again, Fabian Allen's 25 matches from Western Indian thieves in the race. Mohammed Ashraful is the fastest owner of FIFA, now Mashadek

In 2005, Ashrafil made 21 against England in Nottingham, the fastest fifty and a half centuries in ODI in Bangladesh. About two and a half years ago, the first fifty were seen in Mosaddek. But his second half of the records would have been broken, perhaps not in Mossad's imagination.

Before the start of the World Cup, an inning that will increase his confidence, only Mossadeki knows better. But the extent to which you can now express yourself in the World Cup.

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