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Mosedek won the record for the match

The fastest recording of Mosaddek in Bangladesh is now. File Image

The fastest FIFA record for Bangladesh in the ODIs is now Mossadek

The Bangladesh team was uncomfortable after Mohamed Mutun left. The 16th over the game continues. The goal is not very difficult. 67 draws in 50 balls is not a very difficult task. There are 5 doors in hand.

Mahmoudula was confident he would stay in the cabin. Mossadek is still a guest-hero on the other side, a side hero. Mahmoudula will have to complete the task of winning the team. Mashadek, who appears in international cricket with ambitious opportunities, can not rely long on the team and the team. Only 15 years old are in the carrier for two and a half years. Two-year dust in the memory of bare ball with the ball. Musadade can no longer be trusted.

Fourth, Mousaddeq four did not change the concept. Mosaddek took a few seconds after he hit his leg in the 19th. In the 21st, Soule no longer sends Mosaddek. He did not want to make the equation of 39 in four shots, Sixs in an extraordinary shot over Ausi's cover. At the end of the equation was 18 to 27. Mosaddek started in 22nd place with 15 runs in 22 balls.

Reversing beats are the first of the all-alan. Six Things Before You Find The Next Photos are Traditional Pictures. She had arrived at six. She had to sit in the floating. What will be something special? Alan quickly cleared the ball but Mudadek beat him four more, giving him more intelligence than him. Fourth, he said that Mossada did not stop. Sixs with cover! All the uncertainties resulting from the game are over. Then wait for something else. Maskedek has 48 of 19 balls.

Running the fifth ball with a pulsating middle wolf race. Run, run, run Two draws came in and Mashedek took FIFA's fastest record in ODIs, scoring Mohammed Ashrafil with the fastest fifty. Fifty is only 20. That's how much pressure it is at the moment. Bangladesh was still 3 of the win. But the goal of winning the finals was confirmed as soon as it was achieved. Maskedek's document for additional gifts with this achievement

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