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Mossadek Turning Point 1 Over 25 –

It was the 22nd place in the three-series final against Vest-Indy in three series. The bungalow needed 27 runs in the three wins to win. It's not very difficult. But many times the reasons for the loss of the lost Bangladesh were sufficient.

The caliber then Mahmoudula and Mossad. They decided not to wait until the end before the match was made. Fabian Allen came to bowling. Until then he was the best player in West Indies in the match. The only thing that goes on is the storm.

Striek was Mosaddek. Doing it alone. In the first, the huge six-in-a-strike, Bangladesh batsmen are very rare to make that shot and succeed. The second came out a bit and stepped out of the chalk. Third, let's cut four. Six legs fired by sixs The next one took two tracks, the last one was the same.

From it came 25 tracks 18 runs of 18 balls out of 12 runs! Meet the next one. In the unbeatable inning of 52 runs in 24 o'clock Bangladesh won the first game to qualify for Best Mossadek

In front of the media, Mossadek said his eyes are over.

"27 runs in three takeovers, I did not want to keep it for the last time, and we turned the attention of over." When I was six, I wanted to run as much as possible.

"After the end, of course, will be the result of the match, those who turn, win.

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