Saturday , July 31 2021

Muffic dangles in your forehead!

Steve Rhodes

Chief coach of the Tigers Steve Rhodos Photo: Collecting

National cricket teams play in Mirpur on the occasion of the World Cup. During the training, Mushkkur Rahim fought in the nets. National coach Steve Rhodes watched him.

But suddenly a shot from Mushfic's bat hit the left side of the coach. Steve Rhodes's injury is not that serious.

Such incidents occurred in the training camp of the national cricket stadium Mirpur Sher-e-Bangla on Thursday. The bandage is mounted in place of the roads.

After the training, the head coach of the World Cup talked to reporters on various issues, including coach Steve Rhodos.

In response to a question from interested journalists, the English coach of Bangladesh said the skin had burst into a heavy blow from a Mushfield bat. But I'm not unhappy with him. He has made a big hit, I am fascinated by his practice. It is normal to have such small and small incidents in practice. There is nothing to disappoint.

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