Wednesday , May 18 2022

New Dhaka Patient –


This year a dengue patient
The number has grown to about 1000; This is not the first of August
More than 20,000 people are admitted to the hospital every day.

Health Department
Friday morning, according to the Emergency and Operations Center and Control Room
Between 8am and 5am in the morning, 2500 cases of dengue per 24 hours are reported across the country.
He was hospitalized.

This number has been in the last 24 hours
The number of patients admitted to the hospital is higher. Thursday 9:00 to Friday
At 2 o'clock in the morning 2 out of 2 people were hospitalized.

The health department says:
In the last 24 hours, a total of 1.5 people have been admitted to various hospitals in Dhaka.
Patients, the previous day their number was 5.

New from Dhaka as Dhaka
The number of patients increased compared to the previous day. In the last 24 hours, outside Dhaka with the disease
A total of 5,900 were admitted to different hospitals across the country the previous day
There were 5 thousand 5 people.

In April this year as a government
1 was admitted to the hospital in May, 3 in May, 5 with dengue in June. July
For the month it reaches 1,024 with one jump. And hospitalization in the first nine days of August
There are 20 thousand 5 people.

Dengue mosquito carrier Aedes aegypti
Although it is found mainly in the city, people travel through the city as a satellite
In the Country As a result, millions of people travel to different destinations in the country during the Eid holidays
Experts warn that the situation could reach alarming levels.

Accordingly, the government is different
I took action Spraying mosquito nets before embarking on the Eid vehicle
He was ordered to do so, though he did not obey at all.

Fever money in some
When symptoms appear, call for a blood test to confirm before leaving
The Prime Minister himself.

All this year so far
A total of 5,900 people were admitted to the hospital due to illness. From these homes
Treatment, their information did not come here.

The government is in Dengue this year
Although the news has confirmed the death toll of 20 people, there are several reports in the news media
The quality is higher

Various hospitals and hospitals in Dhaka receives information from district doctors this year in Dengue
At least 12 people were killed.

Health Information Division
According to Friday, a total of 5,120 dengue patients were admitted to various hospitals across the country
There are 6,000 admitted patients in six public-private hospitals in Dhaka
20 people. And in the rest of the country a total of 1,212 people are admitted to different hospitals.

Dhaka Division in the last 24 hours
Most dengue patients went to the hospital. Common reception in these areas
25 new patients.

Also in the Chittagong Division
John, Hulna Division with 120, Barisal Division 1, Rajshahi Division 1, Mimensing Division
1, 5 in Rangpur Division and 12 in Sylhet Division went to hospital with dengue.
After 24 hours.

Dhaka City in the last 24 hours
Six people and four outside Dhaka returned home from dengue treatment
Emergency and Operational Health Center and Control Room.

The duty officer in the control room
Borhan Woodin told on Saturday night: "New patients in last three days
And the number of patients released fluctuates. Many patients come to the hospital, among them
Many leave the hospital again one day. Many in the doctor's home
You are going for treatment. Hopefully, the number of patients receiving exemptions is increasing.

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