Tuesday , September 28 2021

New GB 128 GB SSD

The well-known makers of motherboards and graphics cards Gigabyte carry their original SSD GB M2 PCI E128 GB.

This SSD from the M2 inch form factor is currently available in 1 version, which is 120 gigabytes.

It can read in 1100 MB seconds and writes right at 500 MB per second.

The new feature is – Host Memory Buffer (HMB), which allows PCI Express to use SSDs to access multiple dirams (direct memory access) on a PC system, which previously needed an SSD to carry its own data.

GB 2 MB PCI SSD 2.5 can transfer data faster than SSD.

This also includes a maximum warranty of 3 years.

Compared to general hard disks. 2 PCI E speed is much more and can be done a lot in a shorter time.

So if you want to speed up a computer, this SSD might be a good solution for you.

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