Wednesday , May 18 2022

Neymar is not in PSG's first league game –


Neymar can submit the news to Real Madrid or Barcelona. The 27-year-old joined the team a week after the preseason. The footballer did not even make the PSG pitch in any pre-season pre-season match with a record 22 million euro transfer fees in Paris.

PSG will start the league campaign on Sunday night with a match against Nehem. Prior to the coach's press conference, Tomasz Tuhel Leonardo said Neymar was absent from the club's decision.

"Honestly, it's not just a transfer."

"We are discussing. We'll see what happens next. We will handle the situation until a decision is made. "

"The talks have gone further than ever. But that doesn't mean there's a deal. He has to specify whether he will stay and play or leave. "

Coach Tuhel said Neymar had not fully recovered from his injury.

"I didn't talk to Neymar. I am the coach of the team. I talk to him about practice. "

"He still has injuries. … I haven't spent a whole week training with Neymar's team. So he will not be able to play against Him. "

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