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No action has been taken against the accused

Khhatra Liga took over 17 of the controversial leaders who attended the Central Committee of the Khatra League. They took 24 hours on Wednesday evening to take action against them. But after the end of the second 24 hours of the cut, the organization has not decided on them.

There is no visible progress even in the investigations of those who are accused by the 17 people who have filed charges against 82 people. The commission was formed to investigate the charge, but it was not done until Friday. The committee of inquiry formed by the attack on Madur's canteen also did not report at the appointed time.

In this situation, if the commission did not exclude all the disputed persons, the leaders did not declare the post and the expected positions.

A total of 301 members of the Charsa League were announced Monday after one year of the conference. Earlier, it was not announced even after 15 points. As a result, there was anger among the activists for the commission. In the full commission, the semi-leaders' anger at the last commission of the last commission was not given to the post of many and expected candidates.

It was found that those who had been attacked in the dining room were attacked. Later, they came to the motion with a request to remove the controversies in the committee.

On Thursday, the leaders of the controversial 99 leaders issued their names. At night, the Awami League Joint Secretary Jahangir Kabir Nanak presented a list of information and data. The Prime Minister and President of Awami League, Sheikh Hassina, talk about cell phones with protesters there. At that time Nanak told the prime minister about the discussion with them.

Earlier on Wednesday, the newly formed commission of the newly formed committee released 17 names for the accused and charged with crimes and bad behavior. Within 24 hours, the Secretary-General of the organization, Golam Rabani, announced the removal of deprived people of the place of needy people. But BCL did not say anything on Friday.

Again, the debate about the names of 17 people who published the name of the Khatra League and the Secretary General. Stakeholders say there are some of those who have shown courage in the organization's time, have been responsible for the last commission and the level of crime is relatively less.

It is a pity that the name of all dedicated workers and activists who were expelled from the organization, not the names of the participants in various serious crimes. More talks about the newly created vice president of the committee and former farm secretary for education Barkat Hossein Hollander.

BCL's last secretary of state, Sifuddin Babu, told Jugantna that only 17 people have arrived in hundreds of indictees, it is unclear. The names of those on the list are controversial, as it is true, even more so that the names of many who have more serious accusations are not included in the list.

Padbanchhara said they will meet with Awami Joint Secretary Jahangir Kabir Nanak today. There will be an attack on the leaders of the DUCSU and Chhatra League in Madhur Canteen, the attack on the current president's and the Secretary General's followers, discussed 17 people and 82 others who will be asked.

Rakik Hossein, one of the secretaries of the last committee on programming and planning, told Jugantor on Friday afternoon that the committee has more than one hundred indictees. But the name was announced only 17 people. From the beginning, we had objections from the list. However, as the decision to make a decision within 24 hours, the decision has not yet been taken. He has not been declared vacant posts and gives place to disadvantaged people. Actions were taken against the remaining 82 contradictions with information data. There was no committee to investigate the complaint. The murderers of the leaders of Dawsu and Khhatra Liga, who were involved in the attack on us, have not yet been tried. We'll talk to the responsible leaders of the Awami League to finish the BCL.

He said the move would continue until the disputes were resolved.

The three-party investigation commission formed to investigate the attack on Madhur Kanton was asked to submit a report on the investigation Thursday. They did not close the investigation on Friday afternoon.

The Chief of the Commission and Chief Deputy Chancellor of the BCL Al Nahian Khan said Jugantor on Friday afternoon because we had to talk to different parties so it took some time to report. At the end of the report. The conversation with the President and the Secretary General will now be completed.

He also said that as the newly formed secretary of the Ahsan Habib's office is among 17 people disputed, the report will not be handed over and will be handed over to the president and the secretary-general of the organization.

Statement by the Secretary-General of the BCL: On Friday evening, Chhatrapa's secretary general, Golam Rabbani, told Yugentana that as this (measures against 17 people) were very important decisions, we gave them a little more time. 7 of them were already able to prove themselves innocent. Pradip Chowdhury, Secretary-General of the Joint Committee, was omitted because the complaint was not relevant.

He said he wanted to inform 17 people about tomorrow (tomorrow).

At the other 82 BC the Secretary General of the Khatra League said some groups have filed these allegations to challenge the current committee with a motivated motive. Most of them are not true. Most names that have come are fake. Four of them have sued for defamation. Many are preparing for the case. But action will be taken against the accused's evidence.

He also said that we have received no complaints regarding the President of the Central Khatra League and the Secretary General or the Office Cell. Even then at the press conference I said he was self-proclaimed. What has come to Facebook, what is printed in the newspaper is not our opinion. According to the constitution of the organization we have to come and complain. With the exception of the accused, vacancies will be vacant in these vacancies.

Golam Rabani said the investigative commission, formed in connection with the furniture canal attack, those who complain could not co-operate. They do not answer. In this case, a video commit was watching. Talk to everyone as much as possible. They said that on this day no one was injured. Only a little info is found. Rather, the investigative commission has received information about the attack on those who complain. As the complainants do not cooperate in the investigation, it takes time to investigate.

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