Monday , July 26 2021

Non Saif movies is absolutely out of the box

Recently, Bollywood actress Karena Kapoor said that the personal life of Saif Ali Khan is safe with Saif Ali Khan. No job is not fully filmed. Then we are dated. One day Saif said, "Look, I'm not 25, you'll go home every day after work.

In a recent interview with people from Bombay, Kariena said these things with her personal life and experience.

Carine said her sister Karishma Kapoor has returned to school and has gone to the film world. Dil To Pagal Hai, Karisma is excited about his film. On the day he truly went to Bollywood, Kourišima helped him to recognize the world. He also teaches how to work in the industry by lifting his head.

Express Carina said the time to start a movie world is like a dream. But suddenly I did not see any work at all. It seemed to me that my career might be over. Nothing else will happen. Then I was advised to be zero size.

He said that just when it seemed to me dark in front of me, Saife came to my life. I've seen it before, but as long as we do, our relationship turns to the other side. And that was the charming one I fell in love with!

Interestingly, Saif, who is fascinated by Saif, says Saif has taught him to balance different things in life. His whole life
He has given a new life to his misery and has given him a new life.


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