Friday , May 20 2022

On A weekly ban on milk production and marketing of the company


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Justice Ceded Rifat Ahmed and Justice. On Sunday, an order was issued by the Supreme Court of Iqbal Kabir.

Today, the court ordered a hearing after a four-institution lab report on whether all licensed brands contain nutrients that are harmful to human bodies. The companies include Milk Vita, Milk Fresh, Eagle, Farm Fresh, Aftab Milk, Ultra Milk, Arang Milk, Pran Milk, Iron, Pure, Safe Milk.

Lawyer Sarkar MR Hasan for BSTI, Anik and Haque for the petitioner, Mohammad Faridul Islam on behalf of the safe food authority.

Following the order, Anic and Hake told reporters that the Supreme Court had ordered all BSTI-related companies to produce, supply, trade and distribute pasteurized milk for six weeks due to the harmful ingredients of the human body. As a result of this order, it was not possible to sell legally pasteurized milk in the country during the first six weeks. Moreover, the court also issued a rule, proving only motivated to show the cause of those affected.

Sarkar, Mr. Hasan, said that the BNTI will take steps to execute the court order. I will submit a compliance report to the court. The court ordered the closure of five weeks of the manufacture, supply and sale of pasteurized milk by companies related to BSTI for containing harmful ingredients in human bodies.

In one order, all labs licensed by BSTI were instructed by the four laboratories on July 1 to check whether any pasteurized milk contained any harmful ingredient, including antibiotics. There are four laboratories – the National Food Safety Laboratory, the Bangladesh Science and Industrial Research Council, the International Center for Research on Diseases of the listed, the ICDDRB and the Savar Bangladesh Animal Research Institute. According to the order of the court, the interested party submits the report.

A study of the International Center for the Study of Disease Disorders and ICDDRB on commercialized milk was published on 7 May last year in various media. The lawyer wrote to the Supreme Court in the public interest by adding the reports published in the media. Tanvir Ahmed. In response to this petition, the Supreme Court directed the Secretary of Food and Health and the Director-General of BADT to present a report on pastoral milk on the market, forming a committee of experts and researchers on May 27 last year.

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