Thursday , July 29 2021

On the 26th day of the fair, 185 new books

On the 26th day of the Amar Eukushi bookstore, new books were published. Until 25 February, new books were submitted at 4,772. In this list there are stories, novels, poems, essays and children's literature.

Meanwhile, the discussion took place at the main stage of the book fair: "Myrnamall Senn, Amadad Hossein and Anvar Hossein: Shradhanali."

Presents the essay on the Saejul Aval case. Participates in the discussion. Hamid, Tapan Bachi and Vidra Ribru Ced Hasan I have presided over the meeting.

The essayist said that Mr. Senan, Amjad Hossain and Anwar Hossain – these three films were credited to the Western and Eastern film industry as well as to the local context and introduced into the global environment. The three have governed the social history that is happening in their time through their own work and have left their signature for competence. To pay homage to them means to bring your proud history forward. At the same time, keep the strength and courage to move forward.

Speakers say that Mirnal Sien, Amadad Hossein and Anwar Hossein – three memorable names in Bangla's big film world. Although they work in different backgrounds, there is a uniform unity of their film work. This unity is the feeling of mankind and sadhana. In the film, Mirnal Senn's film is becoming a novel of escape and middle-class struggle, and in the film by Amjad Hossein Amar Ejushi is exposed to the real world realities. On the other hand, Anwar Hossain, who specializes in filming, is not comparing.


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