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One day the price is 8 thousand 5 kroner


The English Premier League team ends on 7 August. And on the last day of the squad, the Premier League teams spent £ 1 million (buying Tk 1,000 crore in Bangladesh currency). The cost of the Premier League squad for the entire squad this season is estimated at GBP 1 million (Tk. 6 crore in Bangladesh currency). However, the combined costs of all clubs throughout the team season did not touch the record for two million pounds.
The status of the most competitive league in football is that of the English Premier League. In the promotion, the information, the Premier League is ahead of Jules. The Liverpool-Norwich game starts on Friday with a new season in the English Premier League. The Premier League team ends last night. That is, clubs will no longer be able to buy clubs, but teams from other leagues in Europe will end next September 2. Premier League clubs can also sell players if they wish. The four-season Premier League squad is worth over £ 10 million. This time I didn't break the record for a while. The cost of the Premier League of £ 20 million for the squad over 20 seasons is still a record. Of course, if the Chelsea team were not banned and last season's Champions League winner Liverpool would not be able to wrap their hands, the record would have been. These two clubs and Crystal Palace are just three of the clubs that have seen profits from buying players. Chelsea's profits have increased to around £ 100m since Eden Hazard moved to Real Madrid. Although the price increases, the number of player purchases decreases with each passing day. This time the club bought 12 players. The number is still 1 in 26 and the number has been declining for six years.
The past few seasons have been watched pouring money into Deidarasi at the Manchester City club owned by Sheikh Mansour of the Emirati Danukub. This time Arsenal left the remaining money. Arsenal have spent around £ 10 million on the team.
The clubs are also changing their record game. Of the 20 clubs, only 1 club broke its record. Since then Sheffield United have reached the Premier League four times this season, breaking the record four times! Manchester United again took Harry Maguire from Leicester City, making him the most expensive defender in history with £ 1 million. However, Romelu Lukaku left the US and went to the Italian club Inter Milan at almost no cost. This time, however, the other side could outstrip the Premier League in exchange for the squad. So far in the leagues in Europe, English is the most expensive. The Spanish La Liga is also on the move. So far, the Spanish league teams are worth £ 1m. Two-thirds of them contribute to Real Madrid, Barcelona and Atletico Madrid. But clubs in Spain have time to spend until September 2.
Largest team (in kilograms)

Players exchange prices
Harry Maguire (England) from Leicester to ManU – 1 million
1.2 Million Arsenal by Nicholas Pepe (Ivory Coast) Lille
Hernandez Rodri (Spain) from Atletico to Man City 1.3 million
João Cancello (Portugal) Juventus to Man City 1 million
Tottenham 1.3 million from Tangue Ndumble (France) Liu
Aaron One-Bisaca Palace (England) – menus
Sebastian Haller (France) Frankfurt-West Ham 1.5 million
Mateo Kovacic (Croatia) Real Madrid 1 million
Yuri Tilemans (Belgium) Monaco-Leicester 1 kroner
Joelinton (Brazil) Hoffenheim to Newcastle

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