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Photo of the character of the virus actor Babbar


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Photo of the character of the virus actor Babbar

Bollywood actor Pratik Babbar married Sanya Sagar for his girlfriend in January. The character now rests in Los Angeles after 6 months of marriage. While vacationing in the US, a virus with images of Babbar and Sanya Sagar symbols appeared on the Internet.

Indian newspaper Jinyouj reports that the Babbar symbol and Sanya Sagar were seen touching each other's lips in the photo. Several pictures of Sanya Sagar were released with them. Where Sanya is seen in a black dress.

Meanwhile, on the occasion of Valentine's Day in February after the wedding in January, Prakash Babar released a picture of his wife's topless. A Bollywood actor must face criticism when his wife's image is made public. Then Sanya removed the photo from her social site. However, he did not comment on the issue.

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