Saturday , May 21 2022

Police rape woman: Case against OC-SI


Symbolic image A woman has been charged in a gang rape case with the Hulna Railway Police (GRP). The police officer in charge of the time (OC) uchamana five police officers on duty and sent to Ghani.

The case was filed against the Hulna-1 Senior Magistrate's Court on a police arrest warrant. The victim was the victim of the case. The woman's statement was accompanied by documents on the case. The case was reported around 7:30 pm on Friday.

In a statement given by the court, the woman said that a police officer had taken her to a nearby room at about 1:30 pm while she was in police custody. Going there, OC Uthman sits. During this time the attendant tied his face to his mouth so that he could not shout. OC rapes three times, holding an hour and a half in this room. Later, on-duty officers and three police officers were raped.

The victim wrote the woman's statement in her hand, a judge at the Hulna Magistrates' Superior Court said. Sifuzzaman. The woman read and heard the confession and signed it.

Assistant Police Chief of the Constantinople Circle of Railway Police Ferroz Ahmed said the woman had brought a case against OC Uthman Ghani, a night watchman and three unidentified police officers. The case was registered in Section 5 of the Torture and Detention (Prevention) Act, 20, under the authority of Hulna High Court. Section 4 is the crime of torture of a detained person.

When asked by the Assistant Chief of Police, a three-member inquiry committee headed by him was investigating the incident. It will take longer to complete the investigation. Referring to the case against five people, he said he had been appointed by the Paksi Police Chief. If OK or anyone else is found guilty of investigating the case, he or she will be fired and arrested.

Meanwhile, another committee of inquiry, led by the Railway Police JV, coming from police headquarters, returned to Dhaka on Friday afternoon after an investigation.

The woman was arrested on August 2 by Benapole on a public transport train and was taken to the police station at HPL. After being detained overnight in custody, police send him to court in the morning. He was tasked with restoring five bottles of Fensidil. The woman told her loved ones that she had been raped by five people, including her, at night at the police station.

When the charge was made in court, the judge ordered that the woman be examined. He was remanded to jail after his medical exam on Monday. The OC and SI were then downloaded (closed) on Wednesday. They were withdrawn from the police station and annexed to the Paksi railway district.

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