Saturday , June 19 2021

Prayer for Huayun Faridi for PDC

Legendary actor Humayun Faridie has left the country not to leave his billionaire fans on February 13, 2012. He is still untouched by the human heart. Today his 7th anniversary of his death reminds him of the people of his love, and the prayer and Milad Mafil are arranged for the faredi memorial at the BFOC.

Misa Saudagar, the president of the Artists' Association, said: "The prayer and Milad Mafil were organized in the Art Association Committee on Monday to celebrate Humayun Faridi and pray for his soul."

Masha Saudagar, says Jagi News, "Faridhi Bhai is a great actor, and Humayun Faridi played naturally in his rhythm, it was his specialty, artists like him have lost the film industry, he is proud of our artist's family, we will pray for him, he is good at where he lives.

Humayun Faridi starts an acting career from the stage. Then he won the TV drama and the movie. In the 1990s he began playing in the movie. His most remarkable films are "Terrorism", "Dahan", "Ladaku", "Dimeyer", "Hero", "Vishvaprampik", "Today Hitler", "Djurjoy", "Managing", "Joyful tears". Mother's Rights "," Asami the Bride, "" Jesus of Seventy-Five, "" Loved by Life, "" Cloudy Rain "," Prohibited Entry "," Hypocrisy, "bachelor" "Shyamal shaya" and "Meherjan" and others.

Humayun Faridie won the 2004 National Film Award for Best Actor in the film "Motherhood" for recognition of creativity. Jaganginagar University authorities honor him on the 40th anniversary of the institution for his outstanding contribution to Natanya.


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