Wednesday , June 16 2021

Prayer of Badi Mahfil to Teknaf for unblocking

He announced the boycott of the Jaba traders on Saturday in the land of the Upsila model of Teknaf.

Badi, who is arguing about Jaba's smuggling, said, "The Maffil is arranged to pray to Almighty Almighty with the help of a scientist." To make Teknap free of the stigma of removing spots from Teknap and to make drug removal program by Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina.

At the end of last year, 73 people who were identified as "the largest Jama merchants" in the updated list of Jaba's transactions made by the Interior Ministry were at the top of the list of MEPs in the Baks-4 constituency Cox Abdur Rahman Badi.

His wife, Shaheen Akhter, the current MP from Teknaf and Ukhia, made the announcement of drug abolition in his area.

By the time she first sworn in as a Member of Parliament, Shahin Ahter is accompanied by her husband, Abdur Rahman Badi. Photo: Asif Mahmoud

Meanwhile, at a meeting in their Teknapa home, Jaba was asked to surrender to law enforcement, Badi and his wife said. If not, then they warned that the consequences would be "dreadful".

Then, more than 100 "listed drug businessmen" have already gathered in the Kozar town of Bazaar and have come to "safe storage" for transmission.

Interior Minister Asaduzaman Khan Kamal said the formalities for their transmission could be completed in late January or early February.

Jaba's contract surrendered to Cock's Bazaar at the end of January: a minister

Abdur Rahman Badi said in the prayer of the Prayer: "There is a scandal with the Tenaph people in Jabba, even if the people in Teknap are shy about recognizing their identity.

"If you go anywhere near Teknap in the county of Goa, they all have to be disgruntled as shareholders of a bad name. Because on Jabba's path to the destruction of youth and nation. Today many people cry in the family, weeping happens. Some have lost their parents, some spouses, some children and brothers.

Yaba has spread throughout the country because of "some wicked people," he said, "Even after so many government and administration initiatives, why the delivery of the yaba is not stopped, this is a matter of great concern. to take an active role, including law enforcement.

In calling for a boycott of the yuki business, Badi said, "Those who participate in Jaba's business do not accept any donations in religious and social institutions, including in the mosque mosque, as well as people from all communities, as well as alma.

– tell the traders of Jaba, give it to the administration. Otherwise they will be completely excluded. "

Badi said, "It is not only possible for me to release Technaph from Jabba, so people at all levels of society will have to come to Qatar, and all will have to swear to release Jabba.

A representative of TeaNaf upazila Zafar Alam, Deputy Speaker Rafiq Uddin and Mayor of Teknaf Mohammad Islam, along with several hundred Olamas scientists and people from different classes attended.

Yaba wanted to surrender to Karbars

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