Friday , August 19 2022

PSG does not offer Bar বার Real


Brazil striker Neymar. Photo: Goldcom

The PSG proposal of Barcelona and Neymar's Real Madrid did not go unanswered. This was reported by BBC Radio Five.

Former Brazilian striker Barcelona wanted to give Felipe Cotagno in addition to € 5 million. The French club also talked about giving it to Ivan Rakitic.

On the other hand, Gareth Bale and Kames Rodríguez wanted to pay for the 20-year-old football player with real money. PSG wanted Vinicius Jr. But Real did not release this emerging Brazil forward in its proposal. No proposal was accepted. However, PSG is thought to be more interested in selling the player to Real.

However, just two years ago PSG bought the star striker from Barcelona for 222 million euros. So far, this is a world record for a football club change. Neymar is expected to play three more years in Paris under the deal.

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The striker has scored five goals in the last two seasons for the French champions. He was injured in both seasons. Otherwise the result could have been higher. Meanwhile, PSG embarked on a mission to hold the title without him.

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