Sunday , June 13 2021

Realistically saved Asensio

The match was moving towards a secure tie. At that time, Marco Asencio, who scored a record goal in Real Madrid, was delighted by fans of Real Madrid. On Wednesday evening, at the last minute, champions of Champions League champions left the field with a 2: 1 victory over Ajax.

Karim Benzema led to Real Madrid in the last sixteen Champions League games in Amsterdam. But Hami Zajcha of Aesha gave an excellent team result. It seems that the match ended with a 1: 1 draw. But Assensey did not allow this to happen.

From the beginning, Real could not play football on the road. Although they have several options, they can not use it. Ajax did not get the chance but in the first half no team could open the door.

In the second half he went forward in the 60th minute to give Real to Benbeca. Vincius Jr. in the box with the ball in the box. Taking the ball out of the floor, Kanqueuni fired it into the net and bent over it.

Ajax returned in 75 minutes. False real goalkeeper in the place of Shooting by Narres, fake Hakim Ji

Asencio, as a replacement for Benazeman, plays very well the next time. 79 minutes into the game, his great shot went up after a counterattack. The Spanish wing, however, made no further mistakes. In the 87th minute he got a chance to cross Dingo Carvagel's cross and win Real.


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