Tuesday , July 27 2021

Rejecting the proposal to increase the age of state jobs

The proposal to increase the age for entering the civil service was rejected. He elected a deputy from Bogra-7, Razaul Karim, on Thursday evening to increase the age of entry into the civil service to 35 years in the National Parliament The motion was filed. But it turns out to be expressed.

Rezaul Karim said in his statement that now more than 28 pores educate unemployed people in the country. And the burden on the educated unemployed family. Many young people get involved in drugs, abductions and other social crimes without getting a job. Thinking about the future of students should be 35 years old.

In view of this proposal, State Minister of State Administration Farhad Hossein said in parliament that the government is logically considering the age limit for admission and retirement in the civil service.

He also said that after independence, given the different perspectives, the age of entry into the service is from 25 to 27 and later 30. But now there are no sessions in universities. As a result, students will be able to complete a post-graduate qualification at the age of 23. Then they had time to prepare for work for six to seven years.

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The State Minister of State Administration said: "We are in the constitution and the rules of employment, we will not get a full pension if we do not get a job for at least 25 years." So if someone joins work for 37 years. To complete 25 years, he will have to retire at 62 or 63 years. But now we have 59 years of retirement. So he has to be hired for more than three to four years. But according to the law there is no chance.

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