Sunday , July 25 2021

Rhodes said about Imul's absence from the World Cup team

The Bangladesh Cricket Council announced the 15-nation final for the World Cup on April 16th. Left-handed potion Imrul Kayes, who has a good shape in the form of a left-handed seamstress Imrul Kayes has been discussing since then. Many questions why not put it on the team.

Bangladesh coach Steve Rhodos met with journalists at a meeting of the national cricket stadium Cher-e-Bangla on Thursday. Naturally, he was asked about Imul's absence in the World Cup. In response he said that we are trying to keep the top players in the team. Imrul High Quality Crusher Good International Cricketter Yet he is not part of the World Cup team. This means that those we accept are also very good cricket players. No part is less than that.

"We'll hold the cricket player like Imrul. This shows the depth of our high quality Cricket. We may need somebody for injuries or for some reason. We know very well what he can do. If he misses the World Cup, there is nothing to do. But it should be borne in mind that if someone misses a good guy they are the same.

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