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Ricky's "Cayble" at the Chinese Theater

The Cubby film, directed by Hrithik Roshan and Yami Gautam, was released in India in January 2017. The film produced by Sanjay Gupta and produced by Rakesh Roshan will be released this year after two years in China. The film will be released for Chinese viewers on June 5th.

Two years ago Cuba was released simultaneously in India and Pakistan. But the opportunity to see the Cubans on the big screen for Christians fans in China takes some time. This is good news for fans. But the bigger news for Bollywood is that Cubi is the first movie to be released on such a large scale abroad.

The film will be shown on 15,000 screens in China. The first place is now in the possession of Kabul as a film displayed on so many screens in a foreign land. On screen reservations, it was behind Sultan, Bahubali Tune or another business footprint.

The story of the Cuban movie is basically surrounded by a couple named Suvya and Rohan. They lived happily ever since. Suvy, however, is the victim of physical torture by some people who have political support. Unable to accept the incident, Suuria committed suicide. After the death of Suuria, Rohan became vindictive to the tortured. So the whole picture was arranged in one incident after another.

Shah Ruh was released at the same time with Kabul in 2017. Cuban won the battle between the two films. She looks at business cadres. Cuba can see how much business can be done in China. Source: Times of India

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