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Ronaldo comes to Dhaka?

"Mujib Barsha" will be celebrated in 2020 in colorful agreements across the country. A different sports federation will take part in the event to commemorate the birthday of Shanghai Sheikh Mujibur Rahman. The Bangladesh Football Federation (BFF) has taken a special plan to celebrate the 100th anniversary of Bangabandhu's birthday. The BFF has a plan to organize a friendly match between the two world powers or the two clubs in Europe. If the plan is fulfilled, then in the Dhaka area you can see the five-time FIFA Ballon d 'Or, the Portuguese superstar Cristiano Ronaldo.

In 2011, Argentinian superstar Lionel Messi played on Dakar Terrain. Argentina played in a friendly game against Nigeria at the Bangibandu National Stadium under the leadership of Messi. The Barcelona Football Club in Barcelona plays this mega-star in the world. Messi also heads the team. If there is no friendly match between two national teams of Europe then the BFF has the idea to bring two teams between the European giant football club Liverpool, Barcelona, ​​Bayern München or PSG. And Befouf would like to take Barcelona to Dhaka, certainly Messi came with the team. If this is the case, then this Argentine magician's style of football can be seen in Dhaka.

BFF's original plans include friendly football in Europe, two football super powers. In this case, the first favorites are Portugal, Italy, Germany and England. BFF wants Portugal vs Italy to host the match. And if applied, Cristiano Ronaldo will be seen for the first time in Dhaka. "We want to organize a friendly match between two groups or two clubs from Europe on the anniversary of the birth of Bangbanghu." Our president (Kazi Salahuddin) said earlier in the committee meeting. but now there is no confirmation.After a few more details we can say.

As far as putting Portuguese star Ronaldo in the secretary general of the BFF, he said: "If we take the team to Portugal, then Ronaldo will come as if he is coming in. Moreover, we can move on, considering that this team has a great star.

But it is not easy to organize friendly matches between European countries. Even among the big clubs there are many fanfares to hold a friendly match. In principle, the football calendar of the parties has long been fixed. Accepting this fact, Secretary-General of the BSE, Abu Nieim Sohaag, said: "Contact with everyone continues. I gave the letter. I'm talking to the agency. Overall, matches are now well in advance. It might be hard to find a team. But some people are considering the proposal. Someone says it's too late. But we do not lose hope.

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