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Salman Ali's age is not on the balance of love!

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9:58, June 27, 2019

Salman Ali's age is not on the balance of love!

Sanjay Liella Bhansali is already believed in "Inshalah" Salman Khan and Aliya Bhatta were tied for the first time in this film. This is Alja's first job with Sanjay. It is known that the director of the film will be seen on the seashore of Orlando and Miami. In general, Vansali's paintings mean a great set, elegance is the final. But at this point he was thinking of shooting in the real world. And the director of Inhalah will think of young viewers. But after the announcement of the casting, the interval between Elias and Salman began. But the production agency reports that the script is written in such a way that the age difference is logical. Salman's character in Insalah is an intermediary businessman. Although the hero is an adult, he is a young young man. The hero will be seen much later, after great hands, stylish sunglasses and designer jackets. But she does not believe in love or commitment. Alia's character again wants to be an actress of middle age. Sanjay has decided to show him as a girl in every place between Banarsi, Rishikesh or Haridwar. Faith in love is love. The father of Salman's character wants to give his son his son's property, in exchange for a condition, the boy must fall in love. To play this love, the character of the aliens is the entry. Then the essence of the story is how two people give and take away.

But with this story many people compare to Salman's old picture. The name of Urmilla Mantandarak was "Janam Sangja Caro". Salman's character is also rich in the film and in the role of Urmila Bar-Gaya. They love each other without making a love drama. This is the speculation that Inchlach was built on inspiration from an old film or not.

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