Tuesday , June 15 2021

Shakib welcomes death

Shakib Khan, Bangladesh's biggest star Bangla directors have been waiting for their new year in anticipation of their new film. Although no new photos are released this year, the new Shahen Shah teaser photo, is released.

A one-minute teaser of 12 seconds is played live on a live YouTube channel. Shakib welcomed all to the throat with a heavy neck. Shakib Khan was seen romantically in action and teaser in action. Misha Saudagar has been found to be different. In addition, one of the popular heroes of the time, Ujhal returned to the film after a long time.

Shapla Multimedia produces the movie. In the film directed by Shamim Ahmed Rani, acting against Shakib, two actresses Nusat Faria and Rodela Rai. The film also starred Tariq Anam Khan, director Wyjal, Misa Saudagar, Ahmed Sharif, Misha Sodagor, and others.

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