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Sheikh Hasina has completed three oaths: Matia –

On Friday 38th Sheikh Hassina's home will return home Friday
In the speech of the chairman of the Awami League discussion he said this.

The member of the Awami League Presidium, Matia Choudhuri, said: "Sheikh Hasina has returned home with three vows: Establishing patriotism, establishing democracy and the right to rice and voting, and doing all this.

"Enlightened in the light of education, attracting the country to excellence, the Padma Bridge is visible today after the work is done, and the tunnels are also being built in order not to think about the tunnels.

And GNP is now at the expense of their action
Matia Choouhuri did

On August 15, 1975, younger sister Sheikh Rehana, her husband, was killed in Banggbandu's family assassination.
Sheikh Hasina, along with two children staying in West Germany. As a result, they survived
Go. Hasina returned home on May 17, 1981, after spending almost six years in exile.

Awami League adviser Amir Hossein Amu said at the meeting at the Audience of the City Institute in the afternoon: "On the day that Awami League elected him as president (Sheikh Hassina), the cause of his visionary leadership, the state leadership proved that Sheikh Hasina was elected president, and the solution was right.

Sheikh Hasina is the pioneer of the liberation of the people of Bangladesh. Bangbanghu gave independence to Bangladesh, and his daughter Sheikh Hasina gave the country cultural, political and economic freedom. It was not possible.

The member of the Awami League Presidium and Agriculture Minister Abdur Razak said, "I know there are different kinds of rice prices in the country. We are both in crisis. We want lower rates for people with limited income. People who produce rice also receive the fair price. Farmers will remain alive by exporting rice and rice.

Anwar Hossein, a professor of history at Dhaka University, said: "There are three levels of return to Sheikh Hassina's country. First level, its leadership. On the second level, the Awami League crisis would not end if he did not return. The third dimension is that Bangladesh was returned to Bangladesh after the Banggabhugu murder.

Awami Secretary-General Liga Mahabob-ul-Alaham Hannif said, "Today, the leader of the law, who claims that the rule of law, the" murderer "Ziour Rahman has stopped the process of assassinating Bangbanghu and has ruled the rule of law, Sheikh Hasina established the supremacy of the law. law in the country, judging the murder of Bangbanghu.

"The Pakistani agent, Pakistan's partner – BNP-Jamaat, has once again become a thorn in democracy. The development of bad behavior has created barriers to development and progress. We will lead the country, under the direction of Sheikh Hassina, to counter this malicious activity, that is today's security.

The Joint Secretary of Awami Liga Jahangir Kabir Nanak, Secretary-General Ahmad Hossein, Bahauddin Nassim, Emamul Hakke Shamim, Information Minister and Secretary of Publicity and Publications Hassan Mahmoud, Education Minister Shamusunahar Chapa, President of South Awami League in Dhaka Abul Hassan talks about the case. ,

In addition, Party Secretary and Secretary of State for Shipping, Khalid Mahmoud Choudhuri, Secretary of Forestry and Environment, Deular Hossein, also attended the event. The General Secretary of the Dak Metropolitan League in South Awami Shah Alam Murad performed the ceremony.

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