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Some leaders do not want Hasa Zia to release Pack: Ollie

Some leaders do not want Hasa Zia to release Pack: Ollie

Olli Ahmad. File Images

Some GNP leaders do not want to release Hades Ziua, the leader of the Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) said. Col. Ollie Ahmad.

He said this to Iftar Mahfil from the LDP in honor of the political leaders at Escaton Ladys Club in town on Friday.
Olli Ahmad said that conspiracies were organized in different places in different places for the release of Hades Zaya. Because some people do not want Hada Ziua to be released from prison and she is released from prison.

Without mentioning someone's name, he said, if the wall is modest, the goat can jump through the walls for a long time. The owner can stand by the side. It can be seen that the height of the goat is much higher than the height of the owner. As a result, the goat thinks I'm taller than the owner. There are many goats in this policy. And goats think they are great leaders of Hades Zaya. So, if Hawaiian Zia gets out of jail, she can have many problems.

The head of the 20th party's PDL said public opinion would be developed to release Prisoner Hades Zia. Because we want the release of Khaleda Zia.

– said the LDP Secretary General. Presided over by Reduan Ahmed and Senior Secretary General of the Joint Council, Shahadate Hossein Selim, a member of the Permanent Committee of the BNP Mirza Abbas, Secretary General of Jamaat-i-Islami, also said Shaikhur Rahman. Among the leaders of the GNP, Abdullah al-Nohan, Chawdhuri Kamal Ibn Yusuf, Shokat Mahmoud, Dr. Asaduzzaman Ripon, Ishtiaq Aziz Uffat of the freedom fighters; Among the leaders of the 20-member alliance, Jamaat Abdul Halim, Ahmad Abdul Kader, Major General of the Kalyan Party (Red) Cedd Mohamed Ibrahim, MM Aminur Rahman, Jatipar Jafar Jaffarla Lahiri, Jagagara Handadar Lutfar Rahman, Assadur Rahman Khan Fariduzzaman Farhad, Mostafizur Rahman Mostafa, Md. Faridoudin, Djamiat Mohiuddin Ikram, Sheikh Zulhifar Bulbul Choudhuri of BOM, Azharul Islam of NAP Vashani, Abu Moki Musa, Sifuddin Ahmed Moni of the party, CedEhsanul Huda of the national team, Abu Tacher of NDP, said. Prior to the Iftar, a special moneate was proposed for the welfare of the country and the nation.

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