Sunday , July 3 2022

Tamana is married to actress Bahubali


A few days ago, Prabhas announced the wedding of Bahubali. After the movie's release, Saaho & # 39; or he will sit on the brink of marriage. Tamana Bhatia, another actress in the movie, has announced the wedding as her wedding news is outdated.

Tamana Bhatia bought a huge luxury bungalow in Mumbai some time ago. This time he thought of the leaves of the family in this house. Raina Bhatia, her mother, started looking for a pot for her.

It is learned that the actress relinquished her responsibility to find her groom. Tamana will marry her parents. However, the film industry finishes that no one should wear garlands.

He was once heard falling in love with a doctor. But he never opened his mouth in this regard. This is not just the Tamnar doctor who was previously linked to Pakistani cricket Abdul Razzak in the 27th.

Tamana was also seen cricketing at a jewelry store. He was reportedly also married to Razzak at the time. Tamana said they went to a jewelry store to open. That's where they talk, friendship. Nothing more.


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