Friday , August 19 2022

Tamim found out a little later – The Daily Amader Shomoy


The weather is not going well. He was a shadow of the World Cup. The visit to Sri Lanka also faded. The left sleeve Batman couldn't get out of the circle of failure. Tamim wants to stay away from cricket for a while to chase bad times. The veteran opened to seek a break from the only test against Afghanistan next month and then the Twenty20 trilogy.

Tamim understood, but was a little late. He had high hopes for the World Cup. But he is impatient with the greatness of cricket. He scored 25 runs in 5 innings with an average of 23.5. Max 12. Fifty is a. No big passes can be played. Dot gave the ball more. Tamim's "angry" supporters in cotton wool; He was traditionally bloated. Tamim was psychologically pressured not to escape. She needed a break! However, he did not rest and went to Sri Lanka, again as captain. There is also a fading opening opening.

Tamim's bat came in three games of the Sri Lanka tour with 5, 6, 2 runs respectively. The hosts beat Bangladesh in a series of three matches. Tamim, who took over the captain, failed in the first ARI. The supporters questioned the opportunity the team had. Tamim received the Gun Issue Edition! So he wants to take a break from the Test match and Twenty20 trinational tournament against Afghanistan next month. He also wrote a letter requesting BCB.

Meanwhile, Mahmudullah Riyad is looking for a break in the upcoming series besides Tamim! The comprehensive national team is also rhythmic.

Tamim obeyed the words of a friend Shakib. Not too long ago, the all-rounder said he needed to rest. To Tamim Shakib said: "It's time for the player to leave. For me, what I think is important now is that it is a great place for him to rest, recover, be fresh and come to Strongley and I will definitely do it. "

Tamim wants to stay out of cricket for a few days. She's a little tired mentally. BCB Director and Cricket Operations Committee Chairman Akram Khan has confirmed that he has applied for his leave. However, they have not yet decided Tamim. Akram Khan said the decision would be made after the Eid holidays. Bangladesh's only test will start in Chittagong on September 7. It will then take place on September 7 in Afghanistan and Zimbabwe.

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