Saturday , June 19 2021

"The best number of nine benzines in the world"

Sports table: Zidane Zidane's special tribute to Karim Benzema made a hat-trick in the match against Atletico Bilbao. The Real Madrid coach argues that France has sent the best number nine in the world.
Santiago Bernabeu lost 3-0 to Atletico Bilbao's preliminary goals. In the first half Ben could not score the ball, but Benzeem scored a goal in the second half. Then he scored twice in the opponent and won a hattrick.
Benzema (21), who scored in La Liga circles of the previous three, surpassed Luis Suarez in second place. In all competitions he scored 30 goals in the season this season. Naturally, Zidane from Real Madrid got this forward, saying: "Karim is the best number in the world for me, although there are many good players and others can choose another one."
Zidane always relies on Benzema. He is very pleased with the performance of his beloved pupil in recent times, "Benzema's goals are impressive and I am happy for him, he has self-confidence and always aims to improve.

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