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The fame of the Bangladesh team is appreciated by Rames Raja

Former Pakistani cricket and commentator Ramiz Raja

Former Pakistani Cricket and Commentator Ramiz Raja Photo: Collected

Former Pakistani cricket and commentator Ramiz Raja will smile at the faces of Bangladeshi cricket fans! This should not be thought.

Rameez Raja was never liked by cricket fans in Bangladesh. Ramesh Raja himself is responsible for this.

In the comment or in the discussion he made many negative comments about the tigers.

But this time he got out of his mouth. The commentator praised the tigers.

Even before the World Cup of England,

Ramesh Raja said in a recent World Cup discussion: "Bangladesh will be ahead of Pakistan at the World Cup."

"Bangladesh plays great against Pakistan," he said. They lost Pakistan in the last Asian Cup. Even Pakistan beat 3-0 white on its own ground. That is why the Pakistani team must be very attentive to Bangladesh in the World Cup.

Rameez Raj said, "If on paper, maybe Bangladesh will not be strong enough, but they can defeat everyone in their day." Mashrafe forces have the ability to do everything.

Rami Raja thinks of Bangladesh's historic victory against Pakistan at the World Cup in 1999.

This is the only match between the two teams on the World Cup platform. Pakistan lost its first meeting.

On the 99th day of the 99th World Cup, Khaled Mahmud Sujon defeated, Bangladesh defeated Bangladesh with 62 wins that day

This remembers Ramiz Raja.

He said: "In the face of the World Cup, Bangladesh is in front of Pakistan, and both teams met once in the World Cup, and Bangladesh lost the match with Pakistan's strongest team.

Then Ramis King appeared 20 years ago and asked to look at the present.

He said: "Bangladesh has been playing very well in ODI format for several years, and Bangladesh's recent performance against Pakistan is also very cool."

Ramesh Raja commented that Bangladesh will continue to beat Pakistan at the World Cup.

Bangladesh will face Red Hose for the second time in World Cup history on June 5 in Lords.

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