Friday , August 19 2022

The Hazelwood-Cummins-Leo Cannon Tool | The Daily Star Bangla


The first day was washed in the rain. On the second day, the British Josh Hazlwood, Pat Cummins and Nathan Lyon were swept away. Australia, which leads the series in the second Test, is also in a good position.

On the second day of the Lord's Test, the British lost only 20 runs. Hazelwood returned to the squad for the loss, proving to be 3 for 5. Cummins received 5 wickets for 5 runs. And with a spin, Leo hit three English bats.

In response, Osira finished with a 5th victory over David Warner.

Tim Payne chose to buy without looking at the condition of the Lord. Hazelwood caught Jason Roy in the second adventure before fleeing. Hazelwood returned Captain Joe Routh of LBW for 28 runs.

Risky Burns and Joe Denley's small pair of troubled hosts are on average resistance. But Cummins rejected FIFTY Burns for 12 cycles. Then the middle order of England rose.

Josh Butler was replaced by Peter Seadle and Ben Stokes lifted the Lions. Johnny Bairstow was the FIFTH side to cross the line. He was the last batsman to go out.

Short result:

England 1st Inning: 5 on 26 overs (Burns 3, Roy 3, Route 6, Denley 1, Butler 12, Stokes 1, Bairstow 12, Oaks 12, Archer 12, Broad 3, Leach 3 *; Cummins 1/4, Hazelwood 1/4, Siddle 1/4, Lyon 1/4, Smith 1/4).

Australia 8th inning: 1/4 in 3 overs (Bancroft 3 * Warner 3, Khawaja 3 *; Wide 1/3, Archer 1/3, Oaks 1/4).

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