Saturday , May 21 2022

The mother-in-law smiled, the mother-in-law smiled


Monalisa with mother-in-law and husband in mourning for father-in-law. Photo: Instagram

Grieving in the face of mourning is an unwritten tradition. Whatever the reason for the laughter, it must be suppressed anyway. At least that's how many social media users think.

Actress alias Monalisa alias Antara Biswas has been criticized by fans for smiling at her father-in-law's memory. Although Monalisa is known as "Jhumma Boudi" by "Dupur Thakurpo", you are popular in the movie about Bhojpuri.

Indian news media reported that Gani Kanaia Singh's father-in-law died in a tragic incident recently. On August 8, the family organized a memorial meeting for the late Kanaia. It stands up to the laws of men in times of distress.

Monalisa shared some pictures of her father-in-law's mourning on social media. As seen in the movie, the actress is standing next to her mother-in-law and father-in-law Vicrant Singh in front of the late father-in-law.

The danger is there. Monalisa is seen in front of the camera with a smile. And the netizens are shocked by this photo. There has been a storm of condemnation on social media. Many people wonder how he can stand smiling in mourning! Nobody even takes the opportunity to mock his reforms.

Kanal Singh, Monalisa's father-in-law, has been reported to have suffered from cancer for a long time. He died last July 25. His treatment was reported at Tata Memorial Hospital.

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