Tuesday , June 15 2021

The mother of her estate has gone

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"Mother's debt will not be extinguished, even if you've made a suit of cotton milk, Kaposi." No one will be so proud of my mother.

Touching Mom Mana, the late director, woke up a lot in response to this song. Now the hero of this character has gone forever (Annalilahi … Razifan). Hassina Islam dies at his residence in Tangala on Sunday afternoon. During his death he was 75 years old.

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Manna's wife Shelly Manna said my mother-in-law was sick on Saturday night. He was then treated at the local hospital. But he left us.

Shelley, however, could not say anything about where and when to be buried and buried.

Mana, a hero of a heart attack, died on February 17, 2008. It was only 44 years old.

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