Saturday , November 28 2020

The movie of the sweet chair is about to begin

The movie of the sweet chair is about to begin

Staff Reporter "I think" kinnein honey "will play an important role in the nation's development After seeing the new generation of students, including students from Dhaka University, they will be able to understand this contribution of Bishvassibian during the liberation war before 50 The Deputy Chancellor of the Dhaka University said that while giving a good memorandum on the film, Mudhur Canteen would get the idea how to contribute in the coming days.

Saidur director Rahman Sayeed directed Madhur Canteen on Sunday afternoon at Madhura Canteen University. Deputy Chancellor of Dhaka Prof. Akherzzaman, Actor Omar Sani, Muuswami, director Saidur Rahman Sayed, student leader Rezwanul Hacke Choudhuri Soban, producer Kazi Yohna, Arun Kumar Day, son of Maddhuda.

Omar Sani, who plays Madhu Yes in Madhu Canteen. In this, journalists play impatiently Priyadarshini Moushumi. In the history of the film, Madhu Da and Mridula will not see each other, namely Omrsani Mausumi.

Saeedur Rahman Saeed, the creator of the film, said he had a backdrop for the construction of Madhur Canteen. I was a nonviolent disciple of the University of Dhaka during Jahurul Haq from March 15, 1971 to March 26. Then I had a very close relationship with honey because I was also involved in student policy. He was my father. From my duties I thought about making the film.

Omrakrakh said, "Over the past few days, I've done a lot of research in the role of Madhu Yes, sitting on a couple of occasions with the members of the Madhu Da family." Madhu was like talking about how his position was heading and how he went. Said started drinking a honeymoon with empty hands, my special call to the students to strengthen his hand, I'm not a good actor, but I will try to improve the character of the honey, and when the film is over, we will present the film to the Prime Minister.

Priyadharshini Moushumi said I started working as an online portal editor shortly before. And right now I'm working as a journalist at Madhur Canteen. This relationship in life with the story of life is really something different to me.

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