Monday , June 14 2021

The name of Irene's Facebook ID Hacked

Many photos have been published by director Irina Sultana. Still many photos are waiting for the release. This afternoon he told Manabamini that Facebook-ID used as a social media tool has been hacked since yesterday. People want money from here. After this incident, I made a general diary at the Kalabagan police station. Whose number 1141 He also said that the hacker identifier is working. Facebook is deactivated with the messenger to know about the different people who write. That is why I want to inform everyone if any post of indecent speech and public and religious offense is not responsible for this. It has to be noted that Irene, who played the role of Debaschish Bisvad, directed "Love Zingabad." Then "Abol Tablo, the girl was mad crazy", "Ek Love Earth", "Moyabeni" and many of her photos were released. This hero is currently working on the film "The Love of the Padmas," directed by Harun-Uz-Zaman, "Ashshamal" by Dulhan Jahan and "Save the Life" by Amirul Isham Shovar.

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