Friday , June 18 2021

The police officer

A traffic police officer is beating him at Sylhet "The house is a farm" Project Officer Tangjil Ahmad This incident happened in Chouhatta Point in the city on Saturday afternoon.

Police and sources of eyewitnesses say, Afternoon "The house is a farm" Project Officer Tanggil Ahmed attempted to enter the road from Chouhatta to Zindabazar on a motorcycle and try to enter illegally on the Wayneway. At that time, the traffic police said. If Ali signaled him, he tried not to obey. When the move member Ali stepped forward, the man stepped off the motorcycle and grabbed the employee's stick and began to beat him.

At one stage, the crowd gathered and took control of the situation. Tangahl Ahmad was detained by the passenger. At that time, they also held Tangjil's motorcycle.

SILHETT's deputy commissioner (police) Faisal Mahmoud said the deputy police commissioner, In this case, there is a process of legal action. The injured member of the traffic was admitted to the Osmani Medical College.

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