Thursday , June 24 2021

The Premiership has four stars!

Sports Reporter: The Premier Cricket League in Dhaka had to be held on the 25th of this month. But besides the tournament project, the tournament also slowed down. Previously, glamor was known to lose the country's only list. Tamif Ikbal, the discoverer, said earlier that he did not want to play in the tournament. Thinking of the rest before the World Cup.
Likewise, ODI captain Mashrafe bin Mortaza has decided not to play the full league. He is unlikely to play before the Super League. Along with that, Shakib Al-Hassan is injured. He is unlikely to play in the Dhaka League. Even Mushfiqur Rahim can not play this league this time. Overall, the national team will miss the senior adults in this league.
Given the preparations for the World Cup, star players want a break. The Premier League project will be held yesterday but the new date is fixed on February 18th. The probable date for the start of the league is March 1. Meanwhile, CCD Coordinator Amyn Khan said, "The date is 90 percent final. If everything goes well, the game will start on March 1st.
Akram Khan, head of the BC Cricket Management Division, said: "Tahim has given a letter to the Board, who wants to withdraw from this League to prepare for the World Cup." After Mushfiq also made the same statement, the Board adopted.
For the upcoming Premier League, the club may hold three players in the previous season. CCDM confirmed the payment of half of the players' fees before the start of the league.

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