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The Russian Taylor mines, known as the Mini Mouse, have not returned


NewsGee reporter July 28, 2:40 pm

The familiar voice is no longer heard in the throat of a mouse. The reason is that Rossi Taylor, the character of Mini, has entered the evergreen country. He died last Friday in Glendale, California. At the time of his death, Russi is 5 years old. Walt Disney is in the childhood of everyone in the nineties.

Hearing the names of Mickey Mouse, Mini Mouse, Donald Duck, and Goofy, some of the smiling faces are visible in the eyes. Rosie Taylor was married to the late Wayne Alvin, who expressed Mickey Mouse. On Saturday, chairman and chief executive officer of Walt Disney confirmed the death of Russi.

In a Twitter message, he writes: "Mini Mouse lost a voice about the death of Russian Taylor." This team has turned the mini into a global icon. The Russian has become a legend for fans.

Bill Farmer, the voice of a long-time friend and a stupid hero, expressed sorrow for the death of Russi. "Russian was like a family," he said. As cute, fun as a mini mouse. He is so talented and modest. She will remember.

In many cases, television, theme parks, animation, paintings and the voice of the Russian mouse are heard in the voice of the mini mouse. It was the voice of several other Disney characters. At his death all these voices were lost.

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