Wednesday , August 17 2022

The second trailer for Saho's movie, publicly released by War-K


The trailer for the action movie War has recently been released. The action sequences were seen in the trailer right in front of the audience. This time in the trailer for the Saho movie, the fight is tough. There is a slight hint of action in the trailer from the trailer, as well as a little hint of a script.

Shradda Kapoor and Prabha will be filming the unique look in the movie. Already the first movie trailer, and the movie poster, the song. In any case, the film's director made a special impression. From the action to the graphic work, from the scene of the painting to the dialogue, the set is ready to give a heavy blow in any case. Although the release of both images is four weeks. The action of the film is choreographed by Dhilip Subbarayan, Stephen, Bob Brown, Pen Zhang and others.

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The style of the trailer story reminds me a little of the movie. Playing the thief in the police, one after the other the villains had an idea of ​​this trailer. The Tao movie will air on August 5 with actors such as Jackie Shroff, Chanky Pandey and Arun Vijay. But this is not the first time the gangster and the police have loved the screen.

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