Thursday , June 24 2021

The story of Rangpur in the rare record of two centuries

The British Cricket Council (ECB) launched the first Twenty20 match in domestic cricket in 2003. Then this version is about 16 years old. Only two times in a row at this stage have seen the world of cricket for two centuries. The third record was created by Alex Hale and Riley Rousseau from the Ranger Rider. And their pair made a new record in Bangladesh's Premier League (BPL) on the eve of the current champions.

Hales, who scored a century at his expense. 100 Runs in 48 Balls Rousse has spent a hundred in the spell. Heavenly 100, not 51 Whether there is such an excerpt in the world of Crickets. Rangpur, however, makes 239 runs in its first century. What is the highest score of BPL Dika Dinamits scored 217 hits against Rangpur in 2013. It was the highest party party for so many days. Today, Hales-Rousseau fights for his own shame.

The first 20th century incident happened in Uxbridge. New Zealand Hamish Marshall and Kevin O'Brien from Ireland made a century in the Twenty20 against Middlesex in Glasgow. Then the second incident in Bangalore in 2016. Royal Challengers Bangalore scored twice against South African AB de Villiers and Indian Virat Kohli against Gujarat Lalot in the IPL season. The third incident is a testimony to Chittagong.

But in the first two shots of the innings only 4 points are running. Heles opened his hand from the third and began to do so. Rousseau was only talking to him. Hales was unbeaten at 61 when he fought with 5 runs. Then she slowly started to get out of the shell. By the time Helles reached a milestone in the third century of the career.

Heals 11 runs in 48 balls and 5 chakkaya Danilas plays inning. Rousseau, after the Englishman came out, stopped. He took his first T-20 century in his career. He toured the 51st century. The daughters dress up with initiations of 8 fours and 6 sixs. This is why Chhartang started the burning fire

Collections of records come in pairs. Rousseau and Heles added 174 seats in the second ties partnership. Which is the third highest pair in BPL Records are in Rangpur. Chris Gail's ongoing partnership with Brendan McCullum for the second caliber in Dakar final last season was the highest.

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